High-Quality Custom Jewelry

Located in the heart of New York Diamond District – Aníshéré New York was founded with the highest standard of fine jewelry craftsmanship. We especially pride ourselves with a commitment to make you and your important life moments a celebration.

Led by Akeem Aníshéré, the master himself, we take on a transparent and in-person connection with each and every one of our clients. With professional services from design consultation, quality material selection, creation to completion, and after-care of each piece, you will experience an exclusive service, that’s unique, empowering, and unapologetically personal to your story.

Much like each piece that’s custom created for you – these valuable journeys and moments are irreplaceable and one of a kind, for us as well!


“A thinking jeweler always does the right thing even when no one is looking.”

Mr. Akeem Aníshéré actually began as a trained sculptor. He studied under a renowned Nigerian artist, Abayomi Barber at Center for Cultural Studies, University of Lagos; and also studies at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria; Camden Art Center; and Central School of Art and Design, London, England; the Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, California; and the 3D Jewelry Designs Institute, Los Angeles, California. He is listed in the book entitled “Nigerian Artists Who’s Who and Bibliography”, published in Oxford England in 1993 for the Smithsonian Institute Library National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Akeem Aníshéré’s artistic creativity is evident in his jewelry designs and in transforming precious metals and the finest quality gemstones into extraordinary works of art. This multi-talented artist was featured in the April 2007 issue of Black Enterprise Magazine in the article entitled “All That Glitters.”

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Spark The Moment

Our mission is to create top fine jewelry that captures each customer’s special moments in life, and celebrates their individuality that’s one of a kind.


Top Quality and Services
No Compromises

Highest Quality

Create a personal piece of design by combining brilliant diamonds and gemstones with beautifully-crafted settings, to create one-of-a-kind rings, earrings, pendants and more!

We only use the highest quality metal: 18k gold and platinum. The diamonds and gemstones in our designs are ideal cut: VVS/VS1 and F to G color.

Details of Works

Relying on over 30 years of experience and a degree in fine arts specializing in sculpture. The casted pieces are meticulously cleaned and pre-polished before setting the stones.

Our graver is highly polished to give a bright cut during stone setting.
Our approach to accomplishing the perfect design is to spend quality time in creating our pieces. Our policy is not to rush on the job in our workshop.

Anishere New York is set apart from other elite jewelers because we use only the best materials for our pieces and every detail is precise and refined. Only the finest quality stones and materials are used for Anishere New York.

Unique Design Concept

The guiding principle of our designs is to showcase the beauty of the world's finest natural gemstones. Each work starts as a watercolor or gouache created on vellum paper. We then create a computer generated 3D model for a customer's approval.

The collection is produced using platinum and 18k gold alloyed in our workshop. This is the first step in transforming the raw material into treasured heirloom quality jewelry. The beautiful settings are made by hand.

Professional Service

We collaborate and create a custom design in a timely manner. Anishere New York is known for its incredible quality and service, which has made the brand popular among the wealthy. Each piece is put together with master craftsmanship, that guarantees comfortability and durability.

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